Learn to Hippie Jump your longboard in 4 Steps with Jeff Corsi

The hippie jump is a classic beginner trick that you can learn on any board. It's basically where you jump over an obstacle like a bench or barrier and land back on your board. Watch the video below from team rider Jeff Corsi to master this trick today! 

1 - Stand On The Back of Your Board

Shift your weight to the back of your board as you approach the obstacle. This makes it easier to clear it and land back on your board safely.

Hippie Jump Foot Position

2 - Jump Straight Up

When you start to jump, jump straight up. If you try to jump forward your board will go backwards and won't be under you when you land.

PRO TIP: Getting maximum height is all about picking your knees up to your chest after you jump.

Hippie Jump longboard trick

3 - When to Jump?

The timing can be tricky but will come with practice. When first learning the hippie jump on your longboard, start out with a very small obstacle like a stick on 2 water bottles.

4 - The Landing

Land centered in your normal stance. Your body will naturally want to land with your feet off the sides of the board because you're scared. You can force yourself to get over this fear by jumping on your board without an obstacle.

Hippie Jump trick Jeff Corsi

Stay tuned as Jeff will be releasing more trick tips from his 4-steps series on the 4th of every month.

Jeff rides the Moonshine Hoedown longboard dancer in medium flex.

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