Learn to Toeside Stand Up Slide on your Longboard in 4 Steps

Team rider Antoine Carlotti breaks down how to do the toeside stand-up slide on your longboard. Longboard slides can be tricky to get at first but it's all about good position, a big carve, and easing into the slide.

1 - How to Put Weight on Your Board

The goal is to have a big part of your weight on the front foot so that way that foot will be become the center of rotation. 70% weight on the front foot, and 30% on the back foot is a good place to start.

2 - Foot Placement

The front foot must be just behind the front bolts at a 45* degrees. Make sure your entire sole is on the longboard. The back foot should be just between the middle of the board and the back bolts, having it almost parallel to the rail of the board. This will help get the right position in order to check it.

Toeside stand up slide foot position

Ps: Monkey toe means getting your toes out of the board or on the rail of the board.

3 - Initiate the Slide

It is important to start carving heelside before the toeside slide to get the momentum going. Follow these 3 steps on starting the slide:

  1. Get low by bending your knees.
  2. Spread your body.
  3. Get low again.

4 - Body Position

During the stand up slide, your shoulders must face down the road while your legs are facing up the road. Having your body going in two different directions creates a spring effect which is going to help bringing back the slide.

Antoine rides the Moonshine Outlaw.

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