Free RipTide Bushings with our Complete Dancing Longboards!

Our complete Freestyle and Dancing decks come with 180mm 50º Arsenal Trucks and tall barrel bushings, and if you are a heavier rider or like your trucks more stable to handle speed, don’t change a thing. But if you want to customize your ride with just the turn of a wrench, we partnered with RipTide Sports to include an extra set of Tall Krank 87a bushings with each complete deck. We recommend exchanging them with your roadside bushings if you’re looking for deep, responsive turns and a softer ride while practicing longboard dancing or even just cruising around. 

Our complete longboards that include RipTide bushings are:

Arsenal longboard trucks with RipTide 87a krank bushings

RipTide's proprietary Krank formula was developed to gives you the freedom of having either a soft or stable ride by simply tightening or loosening your trucks without the need to swap out your bushings. 

About RipTide Sports

RipTide is mom and pop company in Santa Barbara, California that hand makes the largest variety of aftermarket skate accessories including longboard bushings, footstops, bearing lubricants, risers, and more. They support some of the biggest names in the game and have built quite the reputation for themselves throughout the years for their extraordinary attention to detail for both their products and helping their customers.

We’re stoked about this collaboration and sure you'll enjoy this upgrade just as our team riders have. If you have any specific questions related to bushings, don't hesitate to reach out to for help.

Shoutout to Jarrid Lopez for the photos and giving these bushings his stamp of approval. Follow him on Instagram @jarrid_lopez.

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