Free RipTide Bushings with our Complete Dancing Longboards!

Find out why we choose to add an extra set of RipTide Tall Krank bushings to our dancing and freestyle complete set ups.

Brandon DesJarlais shares his perspective on skating and life in The Retrograde

During his recent road trip down through California, Moonshine team rider Brandon DesJarlais broke away to capture the essence of longboarding in his latest video project - Retrograde. Filmed and edited by Californian filmmaker, Zach Anaya

Trick Tip - The 180 Lady Killer

If free riding and slides are your groove, we've got a trick for you - the 180 Lady Killer.  While we're not sure if Jarrid Lopez invented the trick, we are pretty sure he named it and we know for a fact that he mastered it. Now he wants to teach you.

Trick Tip, The Aero Grab from Jeff Corsi

Ready to add a new move to your quiver? Check out Jeff Corsi's easy 4-step video for mastering the Aero Grab.

New deck, New graphics and updated shapes in 2019

What’s new? Proscrito The Moonshine Proscrito is Brandon DesJarlais’ definition of the perfect downhill skateboard. B...

Mervyn Victoria – Longboard Dancer and Avid Dabber

After the release of his recent video in Tacoma, Washington, we sat Merv down to learn more about his start with longboarding and why he’s transitioned from downhill speed freak to longboard dancer and avid dabber.

Meet the Moonshine Team at “So You Can Longboard Dance” 2019

The Moonshine Mfg longboard dancing team was out in full force at this year’s So… You Can Longboard Dance event in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Meet the team.
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