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In 2014 a group of skaters in the Pacific Northwest hatched the idea of a better longboard on a wakeboarding factory floor.  Since then, Moonshine Mfg has been a longboard skateboard brand focused on having fun, spreading longboard love and making the highest quality longboards, trucks, and wheels. Handmade with our unique composite construction, our longboard decks are 100% waterproof and built to last! Our international team of riders play a huge role in the design and testing of every board model and you can be confident that we never compromise when it comes to quality – that’s why we have a 30 Day Performance Guarantee that comes with every deck. If you’re looking to upgrade your skate game or in the market for your first deck, we've got you covered.

5 Longboard Tricks for Beginners in 2020

Learn these 5 longboard tricks for beginners today: Pivot, Shove-it, No-comply 180, Kick Flip, and Ghostride Flip.

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Learn Toeside stand-up slides today

Antoine Carlotti breaks down how to do the toeside stand-up slide on your longboard. Longboard slides can be tricky to get at first but it's all about good position, a big carve, and easing into the slide.

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Trick Tip, The Aero Grab from Jeff Corsi

Ready to add a new move to your quiver?  Check out Jeff Corsi's easy 4-step video for mastering this iconic longboard trick - the Aero Grab. 

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Tips, tricks, and shredding from around the globe with the Moonshine MFG team.

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